Harbor Dining District

Harbor Dining District

268 Lake Rd

Conneaut, Ohio 

Phone: (440)-593-6060

Angela's Cafe

186 Park Ave

Conneaut, Ohio

Phone: (440)-593-6766

Biscotti's Restaurant

1205 Broad St

Conneaut, Ohio 

Phone: (440)-599-2264

Breakwall BBQ

877 Broad St

Conneaut, Ohio 

Phone: (440)-599-8187


Northwest corner of Public Dock

Conneaut, Ohio

Cannon Fire Street Grill

(food cart)


189 Park Ave 

Conneaut, Ohio 

Phone: (440)-265-6008


Deli & Catering


1001 Broad St

Conneaut, Ohio

Phone: (440)-265-6061

Sparky's Place

For more Dining options in and around the Conneaut Area, please click or tap on the image and you will be directed to the Visitconneaut local dining page.

Conneaut Area

Conneaut Port Authority 

929 Broad St

Conneaut, Ohio 44030



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